imageYou I have had a passion for photography from a young age then around grade 4, I was able to get my first camera by collecting special plastic coins out of cereal boxes that spelled the word POST sent them of got a120 film plastic camera.

I have been photographing ever since whenever I had a chance, I worked on farms ( dairy, fruit, hog, and chicken farms) after school and on holidays. when I had a chance to save some extra I would slowly buy more and better camera gear.

It wasn’t till after my kids grew up that I could concentrate on my passion of photography and now you can see the results.

My son made me this web site as a gift  so I can share the beautiful portraits, and hopefully sell some. 

I live and work in the Hamilton Ont. Canada area If you are looking to have any portraits of people, product, buildings etc. Niagara region is where generally I photograph in.

I am still working on a price list to sell prints I have a couple of places that meet the high quality these portraits deserve just work out pricing with them to get you the best price I can.

thank you

Murray Jenkins